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Heritage Ranch Real Estate   Paso Robles Real Estate also offers some great communities out by the Lakes.  We have two great recreational lakes in San Luis Obispo County and Monterey County.  Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio. Both of these lakes are warm water lakes. In the summer the temperature is like bath
water. We frequent the lakes often. My kids will spend the entire summer day in the water at the lake. 

Lake Nacimiento was formed by the damming of the Nacimiento River. When full it has 165 miles of shoreline and is 17.3 miles long.  The Narrows, over 6 miles long when the lake is full, is a popular Sunday afternoon area for those who enjoy the lake.   Fishing is popular year round and includes large mouth and small mouth bass, crappie, catfish, bluegill and white bass. White bass are not found in any other California lake. Water skiing and jet skiing are particularly popular on Lake Nacimiento because of the many protected coves and general lack of high winds. Sailing and kayaking can also be enjoyed.
Paso Robles Real Estate by Lake Nacimiento is generally priced the same as Paso Robles but it can be a 20-25 minute commute into town.  There is a new development next to Lake Nacimiento that offers semi custom built homes on 1 acre parcels and there is also a new Elementary School.  It is kind of its own little private community. 

Heritage Ranch (Paso Robles Real Estate)
Heritage Ranch is located on Lake Nacimiento, northwest of Paso Robles, in northern San Luis Obispo County. Heritage Ranch is a planned and gated community of approximately 9,250 total acres with 13 subdivisions of various types and totaling more than 1,700 residential units. Two of these areas are Tract 1990 Lakeside with 86 lots in Phase 1 and Tract 1910, River View Estates, has 150 lots. The master plan provides for up to 2,900 parcels and one new sub-division with 225 dwellings in development. In addition to homes, there is a senior center, fire station, deli, general store, and RV storage.

The Heritage Ranch Owner's Association was incorporated on January 28, 1972 to manage and maintain the areas owned in common including the gateways, public easements, campgrounds, marina, equestrian center and trails, community center, swimming pools, tennis courts, parkways, grass plots, parking areas, buildings, and other facilities dedicated to community use. Quarterly dues are collected from the Owners to pay operating costs and to fund the reserve account for large maintenance and restoration expenditures. The community has a water recreation focus with more than 1000 water craft owned by residents. Equestrian activities add to the mix, as does an active senior's organization.  Heritage Ranch is undergoing the same paradigm shift that similar communities are experiencing, with an increasing percentage of younger families. This change in demographics, along with a growth in permanent residents, will continue to increase the impact on facilities and services.

Oak Shores Estates (Paso Robles Real Estate)

Running Deer Ranch (Paso Robles Real Estate)
Located on the South Shore of Lake Nacimiento is a gated private community of about 2,000 acres divided into 128 parcels.  Access is from Chimney Rock Road through a locked gate about 21 miles west of Paso Robles. The electric gate can only be opened by owners with a code that changes periodically.
The history of this community dates back to 1977 when the owner of the parcel near the Running Deer launch ramp granted easement to the corporation formed for this reason. The current San Luis Obispo County Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc. is a non-profit corporation and exists to preserve the recreational easement of "The Point" property. It also maintains the roads from Aluffo Road to the boat ramp. Running Deer Ranch along with other South Shores communities comprise the South Nacimiento Road Association which maintains Running Deer Road from the main gate to the Gage Irving and Gage Irving Road past Towne Creek along Allen Road.  The corporation's Board of Directors is elected annually during the Memorial Day weekend membership meeting. Membership dues, which include a road maintenance fee, are paid annually and periodic newsletters go out to members. While using the lake members are allowed to tie up and maintain boats and docking facilities and temporarily park vehicles and boat trailers at "The Point".

If you are looking to escape the Central Coast city life of Paso Robles Real Estate or San Luis Obispo Real Estate then perhaps a lake view, lake front, or lake area home is for you.

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